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4.jpg (95063 bytes)

SNJ-4, Engine compartment up close.

2.jpg (97619 bytes)

SNJ-4, new engine installed.

3.jpg (103297 bytes)

SNJ-4, Firewall FWD restoration.

1.jpg (21955 bytes)

SNJ-4, N6422D assembly and restoration.

5.jpg (76689 bytes)

King Air 200, BB754, Raisbeck LE Enhancements in progress.

7.jpg (17951 bytes)

T-34A, polished out.

8.jpg (12963 bytes)

T-34A, 34EG, Total restoration and 1999 Oshkosh show winner.

9.jpg (27289 bytes)

King Air 200,BB754, installing new LE.




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